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Bee Shine

Bee Shine isn't just another cleaning service -- it's better. Okay, so we do all the normal cleaning bits n' bobs. The boring stuff you need cleaning. We just do it differently, and that's because we know keeping things spotless is about more than just mopping your floors and wiping your windows -- it's about giving you the dreamiest, easiest, most hassle-free service.


Based in London and delivering services across London, Cambridge, Bath and Bristol, we're a team of cleaning heroes that have years and years (alright, and some more years) of experience across customer services and cleaning knowhow, which is how you know our service is the best of the best.

So whatever your business or whatever your home, contact us to find out just how we can help you keep things clean. 




  • We make sure we create the right environment for the right people. 

  • Our aim has always been to attract (and keep) a team of beautiful, lovely, genuine, hardworking people -- and that's what we've done.

  • We want to provide our team with opportunities to keep developing (and maybe one day become our competitors 'cos that would make us feel warm and fuzzy inside).


  • There is no Planet B, which is why we're committed to caring for our environment in every way we can, from the products we use to the techniques we opt for. After all, the future generations deserve it.

  • We promise to liaise with our customers and suppliers to promote the most gorgeous environmental practices, especially when it comes to the selection, use and disposal of different materials.


  • To sum it up in a sentence: our word is our bond. Hand on heart, we're a company that prides itself on both honesty, accountability and openness. No ifs or buts, just the honest truth. 


Image by The Honest Company
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