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Work Hard & Stay Bumble

Work Hard & Stay Bumble


From state-of-the-art offices to vintage retail stores, making windows shine to those special requests that make us, well, special, our level of service will make you do an 80s rockstar style air punch.


Whether you need just a once-a-month spruce up, a fortnightly whizz around or a cleaning goddess that will keep your home looking spick & span week in week out, we'll tailor our services until you feel warm & fuzzy inside.  


There's only one thing that can make you cry more than standing on a piece of Lego, and that's cleaning a property, top to bottom, to the highest standard. Whether you're an estate agent, landlord or an on-the-way-out tenant, cleaning a house sucks, but our tenancy cleaning service doesn't.


You Do Your Thing, And We'll Keep It



Our Business

Bee Shine isn't just another cleaning service -- it's better.   Okay, so we do all the normal cleaning bits n' bobs. The boring stuff you need cleaning. We just do it differently, and that's because we know keeping things spotless is about more than just mopping your floors and wiping your windows -- it's about giving you the dreamiest, easiest, most hassle-free service.


Based in London and and delivering services across London, Cambridge, Bath and Bristol, we're a team of cleaning heroes that have years and years (alright, and some more years) of experience across customer services and cleaning knowhow, which is how you know our service is the best of the best.

So whatever your business or whatever your home, contact us to find out just how we can help you keep things clean. 

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Image by The Creative Exchange

Our Services

We could make you yawn from now until 2031 by telling you all about how we clean, the eco-friendly products we clean with and the wipe-on, wipe-off techniques that were passed down from our Great Great Grandmas's, but we're not here to bore you. 

Instead, we'll skip on that boring-woring, yawn-inducing stuff and just say: forget about keeping your place clean and consider it done. Not to over-simplify what we do or anything (hint: it's actually rocket science), but we're essentially an uber-fast, super-friendly and fully-functional tribe of cleaning superstars that will have you smiling from ear to ear (as you look at your reflection in your newly polished floor). No hassle and zero-fuss -- just a team of big-smilers that know how to fight off dirt and grime wth a smile. 

In Case You Still Need Convincing

In Case You Still Need Convincing


Bee Shine Cleaning Service is a premier commercial and home cleaning services. There are hundreds of individual cleaning companies in the market, each providing a single first impression with which to gain the confidence of prospective clients.  We want to ensure that a lasting impression is made by the quality of your business, and we know the first indication of quality is cleanliness 







We are committed to providing the most professional and thorough janitorial services has ever seen! We also offer house and apartment building cleaning services. London and home counties has over eighteen million residents and these are the people to whom we are dedicated to providing clean, safe homes and businesses. At Bee Shine, there is simply nothing more important to us than exceeding the standards of our clients, and we do so by offering the most professional house cleaning services the market has to offer. 




We choose less hazardous products to reduce our environmental impact. Green cleaning is important to Bee Shine and for that reason, we use products which: 


  • Are biodegradable

  • Have low toxicity

  • Have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content

  • Have reduced packaging

A Cleaning Service As Good As Your Morning


(*Don't worry, we'll clean that up)

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